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"Best Beef Jerky" Says Dr. Robert Carlson!

"As a heart surgeon, one of my favorite low carb snacks is beef jerky…but not any beef jerky as most brands have “sugar” as the second ingredient. Dan’s is my best beef jerky of choice as it’s all natural, sugar free, low carb, high protein with a taste that guarantees flavor in every chew! Dan makes his jerky with only the finest quality prime USDA beef and that’s why it is the best beef jerky. Enjoy! Dr. Robert Carlson, www.Andlos.com read more raving reviews

Best Beef Jerky - Why Dan's Is The Best!

With over 2.7 Million packages of Dan’s Smokehouse Gourmet Beef Jerky sold across the US and the world in the last 20 years, it’s easy to see why Dan’s beef jerky is the most sought after in local stores and across the internet. 

Dan has been pleasing the most discerning beef jerky lover with his succulent, top choice USDA beef – a cut of beef that is the secret to this mouth-watering jerky.  As Dan says, when you call a product “gourmet” it had best live up to its name.  That's why people buy beef jerky from all over the world from Dan's.

Best Beef Jerky - Dan's Smokehouse Beef Jerky is Gourmet and Guaranteed!

And with Dan’s, you know just who made it and where it’s coming from – Dan Hamilton’s Smokehouse that is tested and certified by the State of Texas.  Dan is so sure you’ll love his beef jerky more than any other he’ll cheerfully refund your purchase if you don’t agree!  That hasn’t happened yet in 20 years!

Be sure to visit with Dan and Lath on the their beef jerky blog!


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Love this jerky, grew up eating it throughout my childhood especially around the holidays! Ordering more really soon. Everyone here in NM loves it. Hailey Chaffin

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