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About Dan

latha-and-dan.jpgBack in 1991, Dan Hamilton’s love of beef jerky and the dissatisfaction he felt with the beef jerky available brought him to a very big decision that changed his life.

For many months, Dan tried multiple combinations of smoke, seasonings and cuts of beef to create a perfect beef jerky just like it was made in the early 1900’s. Finally after trying hundreds of combinations, he arrived at the recipe that is the signature trademark of Dan’s jerky.

Dan can’t tell you the cut of beef he uses as that’s his trade secret but he can tell you that no other beef jerky maker uses this cut of beef. Most use a brisket or form jerky from miscellaneous pieces of meat.

That’s why Dan’s jerky is a true artisan gourmet beef jerky. Did you know over 2.7 million packages have been sold worldwide?

All Dan’s jerky is cooked at his facility in Weatherford, Texas, a Texas State Health Department approved facility utilizing TSHD preparation process and vacuum-sealed to assure freshness and taste.

Dan is a meat process and manufacturer  of beef jerky, beef snack sticks and sausage. That means we buy specific cuts of meat, cut it, marinade it, cook it and then package and sell it.

 There are no restaurants here, but many people come to our jerky plant to get their fill of beef.   We have the Most requested jerky in convenient stores here in Texas. People buy cases at a time, from us, to send to our troops.

 We support our troops! We have always supported our troops and have an even bigger reason to now.  Our oldest son, Brian, is in the US Army. He is a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne. Go Airborne!


 When are we open? Monday-Friday 8-5. How to find us: 

2521 Harwell Lake Road  Weatherford, Texas 76088

 From Weatherford Courthouse, go North on North Main (Hwy. 51) to the 2nd red light.

Turn left on 4th Street.

Go to the 2nd red light and turn right on Zion Hill Road.

Go 6 miles to Harwell Lake Road.

Turn left ¼ mile, we are the 2nd place on the left.

Look for the big blue building.

817-599-0006 plant office.

From Peaster, turn East on Harwell Lake Road.

Go 2 miles and we are on the right. 

Where can you find our beef jerky, beef snack sticks, beef sticks with cheese, and sausage?

Here at our plant, convenient stores, fundraisers and of course, here on the web.

The sausage is ONLY sold here, at our plant.

 What are some of the most frequent questions that people ask Dan?

“How many kids do you have?”               7

“How do you get that smoky flavor?”     Real hard wood

What is a good cut of beef to smoke?     Brisket

What temperature do I need to keep my game meat before arriving at Dan’s Smoke House?  40 degrees or below

What is your favorite way to bar-b-que chicken outside? I like charcoal. A whole chicken with the skin on. (We like organic that we get from Central Market). I light up the charcoal and I wait until the charcoal is red.


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Love this jerky, grew up eating it throughout my childhood especially around the holidays! Ordering more really soon. Everyone here in NM loves it. Hailey Chaffin

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